Watering & Irrigation

Your lawn is likely to require at least occasional irrigation to keep it green during extended summer dry spells.

Watering is best done early in the morning, as the warming sun will soon dry the grass and lessen the chance of disease. Avoid night time watering, which can encourage disease because of prolonged moisture, and afternoon watering, which is subject to significant water loss from evaporation.

When it’s necessary to water, do so once or twice a week, long enough to wet the soil several inches down (it may be best to do this in two stages, with a short break in between to allow the top layer of soil to soften up slightly). This encourages deep, stronger roots than compared with frequent, but shallow, irrigation, and it will make your lawn more drought-tolerant, lessening the likelihood of brown grass and bare patches.

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If you haven’t already got a water-butt installed in your garden, this is a great idea, as it will save you money on water and also rain water doesn’t have all the chemicals in needed to make water fit for human consumption. We can help you with this if needed.

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