Things you can do

Keeping your lawn looking terrific is a time consuming, but very beneficial venture. Of course, how good your lawn ends up looking is down to the amount of time, love and money you put into it.

Regular lawn care maintenance is very important in helping keep your lawn healthy & attractive. It can get a lot of wear & tear and needs TLC, which visits from us alone are unlikely to accomplish. The services we offer will work best on your lawn when combined with your own regular efforts; mowing, watering, raking, spiking etc.

Obviously the great British weather plays a huge part in how successful your lawn is too and we have an especially mild, therefore damp climate in the South West. The direction your garden is facing, how exposed it is, whether it is on a slope or has good drainage, whether you have pets or children, whether you have a lot of shade, clay based or acidic soil, will all influence the health of your lawn.

However, we have put together some guidelines to help you get the best from your lawn.




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