Summer Treatment

Performed in June & July this treatment includes a semi-organically based fertiliser that feeds your lawn, providing new nutrients and increasing the recycling of nutrients already in the soil, encouraging a more even and dense growth. It encourages soil life and has a very low scorch index, so is more potent in higher (hopefully!) temperatures than other fertilisers.


Depending on weed growth and types, a selective herbicide will be used to either spot or blanket treat them. Selfheal, Speedwell, Violets, Celandine, Buttercups, Daisies, Ragwort and Clover love the sunshine and can be rife during the summer. This treatment will help to combat these.

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rsz_self_heal          resized-speedwell-329542_1920

rsz_wild-violet-flowers1          resized-celandine

rsz_buttercups_ranunculus_repens_-_geographorguk_-_834285          rsz_daisy-new

rsz_ragwort_-_geographorguk_-_519269          rsz_clover-new