Spring Treatment

Performed March through to May, this treatment includes a specially formulated fertiliser feed to encourage your grass to get growing, providing a denser grass sward and giving the grass a higher resistance to stress. It contains sulphur, iron and a range of trace elements. Its organic complex base will provide the correct balance of nutrients for 8 to 10 weeks after application and it has been further amended with inorganic ingredients to supply the right balance of nutrients required by the turf.

Spring is a period of growth and tends to usher in a plethora of weeds. And so on this treatment, we will also perform a full selective herbicide spray, designed in particular to help combat a wide range of broad leaf weeds, such as Celandine, Dandelions, Daisies and Clover. In the following 2-4 weeks, you should gradually notice deterioration in the appearance and amount of weeds.

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resized-celandine          resized-dandelions

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