Straight After Scarifying & 3 Months Later

Scarifying is recommended for lawns that have a build-up of moss or thatch, where it is visible and / or springy underfoot. Scarification is the thorough mechanical raking of the lawn, including the soil surface. Regular scarifying (every year or at least every other year) will remove and control the build-up of ‘thatch’ (dead grass, rotted leaves and other lawn debris) and moss, as these can restrict the movement of water, air, fertiliser and other nutrients to the roots of the grass, all of which are needed for healthy turf growth.

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After scarifying, your lawn is likely to look a mess for a while (but do not fear, within a few months it should look better than ever, the rate of recovery will depend on the severity of your lawns condition to begin with, in addition to weather conditions). There will generally be a great deal of waste / debris to remove and the price is inclusive of its disposal. Often lawns will need to be over-seeded after treatment to limit weed growth and to help thicker, greener grass growth.

Because scarifying and aerating are stressful for your lawn, they need to be done when your grass is actively growing such as in autumn (or spring, although bear in mind that at this time of year, if your garden has weeds, these will be chopped up and we may not be able to pick up every last piece and so they may spread), otherwise your lawn could take longer to recover. The ground should be moist (so if need be we recommend watering your lawn a few days before), but not waterlogged. It is useful, though not essential, to cut your grass a day or two before scarifying to help remove excess grass and cut through larger patches of thatch, making it easier to remove.

Scarification is typically charged at 4 times your normal lawn care treatment price. It can take several hours, depending on the moss / thatch growth.

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