Health Safety Advice

We advise that people and animals from being outside during the time of spraying and recommend keeping your windows and doors shut.

We advise that due to residue being in the air and on the ground you should not use the areas treated for at least 4 hours afterwards, or until you are sure that the ground is completely dry, as the chemicals will adhere to the grass and are not easily transferable (this can sometimes take up to 24 hours).

Grass eating pets should be removed during treatment and for approximately 2 weeks afterwards.

Where granular fertilisers are used, we recommend watering in the granules and leaving 24 hours between you last seeing a pellet and letting your dog/child use the garden. Please ensure that animal coats and feet are free from any moistness if they are let out before the 24 hours has passed as they may lick them and ingest chemicals this way.

It is very important to follow these suggestions as fertilisers and other lawn care chemicals can cause stomach upsets if ingested.

Avoid using the first lawn clippings after each chemical application on the compost heap and the next three rounds of clippings should be used as a mulch only after composting for at least 6 months. Clippings can be left on your lawn if you mow frequently, which will enable them to disperse fairly quickly leaving an acceptable finish.

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