Aeration / Hollow Tining


Aerating is highly recommended in gardens where you have compacted earth, bare patches and slow grass growth. Compacted earth does not allow for good drainage or for retention of moisture in the ground; instead water tends to just run straight off it and you will find it dries out quicker than well maintained lawns, having a negative impact on your grasses root system, bringing them closer to the surface as they try to reach the nutrients they need. This in turn weakens and thins out your grass. People with pets and children will often see the effects of compacted earth most of all.

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Aeration is a technique whereby small holes are punched into the lawn, and the finger sized soil cores are removed. This relieves compact earth, improving circulation and drainage of water, air and nutrients to the grass roots, encouraging them to grow longer, stronger and making the grass thicker, so it is more resistant to pests and thatch. You can help with this throughout the year by spiking the most compact areas of your lawn weekly with a garden fork, although this will not resolve the problem on its own. The cores will need removing from your lawn afterwards, otherwise they will make your lawn bumpy!

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Because scarifying and aerating are stressful for your lawn, they need to be done when your grass is actively growing such as in autumn (or spring, although bear in mind that at this time of year, if your garden has weeds, these will be chopped up and we may not be able to pick up every last piece and so they may spread), otherwise your lawn could take longer to recover. The ground should be moist (so if need be we recommend watering your lawn a few days before), but not waterlogged. It is useful, though not essential, to cut your grass a day or two before aerating to help remove excess grass and making it slightly easier for us to cut through the soil.

Aerating is typically charged at 3 times your normal lawn care treatment price. It can take several hours, but does not produce as much waste as scarifying.

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