Autumn Treatment

Although called the autumn treatment, this treatment is performed in August and September, to help in continued warm weather, while preparing for the approach of autumn. Fertiliser is applied in smaller amounts to continue its nourishing work during the drier season, ensuring your lawn is kept as dense and healthy as possible. Watering your garden is essential if the weather is fine, as even the best fertilisers cannot prevent drought damage (please see our section on irrigation).

rsz_drought-1          rsz_garden-1037454_1920

The herbicide is spot or blanket sprayed, again depending on how many new weeds and the types of weeds that may still be appearing in your garden. Wet summers can play havoc with the state of your lawn and certain types of weeds and disease are more virulent in damp weather, such as red thread and yarrow. Daisies, dandelions and Selfheal are rigorous growers in sunshine and so need constant management to keep on top of them.

Red Thread Disease                                             Yarrow

resized-red-threadmagiczoom          yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

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