Grayfox have been operating as an independent, family run grounds maintenance business (Grayfox Gardening Services) since 2003. Whilst we have incorporated lawn care within that business for many years, we branched out into specialised Lawn Care Services in 2015

Grayfox Lawn Care provides a specialist, reliable and personable service. We currently treat several Private Residential Housing Developments, Care Homes, Block Housing Sites in addition to many domestic clients with lawns of varying sizes, within Plymouth and surrounding areas into Devon and Cornwall.

We offer a programme usually consisting of 4/5 lawn treatments per year, 8 to 10 weeks apart, to treat the weeds that appear at different times of the year, to feed your lawn and to help prevent moss growth and pests.

Treatments start from £17 depending on the size of your lawn, its current condition and how many treatments you opt for per year.



REGULAR TREATMENTS that work to control and eradicate the weeds, moss and pests that can affect your garden at different times of the year. Most of our applications last 8-10 weeks.

FERTILISER feeds your lawn, making the grass grow stronger and more vibrant.

SCARIFYING removes surface thatch and moss, allowing the grass roots to receive more nutrients, air flow and moisture, ensuring a healthier lawn.

AERATION removes plugs (round tubes) of soil and sub-surface thatch from compacted lawns, enabling air, water and nutrients to reach and improve the roots of your lawn.

OVER SEEDING and TOP DRESSING will cover any thin or bare patches within your lawn with new grass, replenishing older grass growth and strength too.

If you want your lawn to look its best, regular weed killing treatments, combined with regular fertilising (feeding) and annual machined treatments such as scarifying and aeration from us, in addition to regular mowing and irrigation by you, should keep your lawn looking fantastic.